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Thank you. :)

Figured I'd write a journal rather than copy-pasting a thank you. haha 

I did have a great time this year. At my age you don't usually get to do anything fun anymore, but I did this time. 
I understand that you need the ad revenue to survive and I appreciate that you are only asking us to shut our ad-blockers off for you rather than making the site unusable and forcing our hands.

I will turn my ad blocker off for DA if it can utterly promise and guarantee to me the following:

1. I will never get a virus or malware again through the ads on Deviantart. 

2. I will never get a virus or malware again through the ads on Deviantart.

3. I will never get a virus or malware again through the ads on Deviantart.

Three times. Three times since 2009 I have gotten malware through an advertisement on DA. Not by clicking on it! Just by rolling my cursor over it and also just having be on screen. 

The second time it literally killed my hard drive. I lost a few hundred dollars on computer parts that year because your greed blinded your security, DA.

100,000,000% promise me this will never happen again and I will turn the ad blocker off.

Until then, me blocky ads.
Y'all are good to me. >w<

Many people have asked me across the board if I will consider some cheap edit commissions to turn this butt-

Celestibum by CookieSkoon

Into the butt of their personal OC. Pony or standard furry, it does not matter.

I would love to do this!

Now the bad news-

I still haven't gotten my online bank account working. It's been seven months or so that I've been struggling with my bank to get an online account to function.

It has boiled down to me having to call their main office.

Here are the reasons why this hasn't happened yet-

1. I have no phone.
2. Severe phone anxiety. 
3. Severe phone anxiety.
4. Calling strangers makes me want to throw up because it makes me[i] that[/i] nervous (seriously I am not kidding here).
5. The only phone I have access to is not here when they are open.
6. I hate waiting through hours of recorded messages.

As long as I have this problem I unfortunately cannot take commission payments. Yes, paypal can still give me money buuuuuuuut I won't be able to see if it came through until I get the bank in person; which is very difficult to do since I also don't have a car and it is in the next town over. My ride is not home when they are open, typically.

Not being able to instantly check my account means I am vulnerable to being fucked over. I can't really wait until I check my account in person because; A. It takes a long time for me to get to the bank during business hours and their ATM is absolute garbage B. I wouldn't be able to tell who sent it.

But what about letting the money sit in Paypal itself?

I do not trust them. I don't trust paypal at all. Too many horror stories of them deciding to keep your money because you used them to sell porn or they decide you didn't ship something when they think you were supposed to (a lot of people do not use Paypal properly). I wouldn't even use them were there a good alternative.

I would basically have nowhere for it to go other than to spend it rather quickly. 

SOOOOOOOOOO in conclusion; I want to. I really do. However life loves to inconvenience me and laugh from a dark corner.

Addendum: Change your bank. Well, there aren't many around here. I am with Community bank NA which have great perks but seem to operate like a bunch of retarded monkeys are running it.

Chemung canal is a bank full of crooks.

Elmira savings just opened around here so maybe I'll look into them.

And that's about it for where I live.

Another addendum (quoted from inkbunny):  

“you can't just transfer the money out of your paypal into your bank account when you've confirmed that it has been received?”

“One part I forgot to mention is that I haven't gotten Paypal confirmed on my account yet either for these same reasons. 

I mean; I suppose I can do that afterwards though.”

So recently I have uploaded images like these two-

Mature Content

Lunabum by CookieSkoon

Mature Content

Celestibum by CookieSkoon

Well guess what? I've done and am doing several edits of this for different ponies (Cheerilee and Twilight as of this journal). 

I am considering making a gallery folder dedicated to it here at DA. However that does mean you'll be seeing it a lot for a while.

Is this okay with y'all?
Good lord another year down. 

Well at least I didn't go homeless this time around!
I do not take requests.

Commissions are currently closed due to banking issues and a backlog.

Commissions will re-open after these are solved.